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Your urban hotel & resort filled with light, water and natural beauty.


Since the 1980s, 'Makuhari New City' has undergone rapid development, guided by the concept of an international city of the future that seamlessly integrates 'work, home, study and play'.

Hotel Springs Makuhari was the first hotel to open in this exciting urban area.
Ever since it opened, Hotel Springs Makuhari has given its guests something special to talk about, including elegant European interiors and comfortable public spaces that borrow the nearby scenery of Kaihin Park.
In its early days the Hotel adopted buffet dining, an innovation at the time.
This commitment to innovation and comfort supports the special appreciation
Hotel Springs Makuhari continues to enjoy from its many loyal guests.

Ideally located just 3 minutes from the train station, Hotel Springs Makuhari is
designed on the theme of harmony with seasonal trees and flowers.
Steeped in natural beauty, the Hotel’s resort mood is sure to please every guest.
The 'smiles' of the staff and our deliciously 'unconventional' cuisine are here
to offer you a warm welcome.



Fujie Sato

Chair, Yamagataya Group
Proprietor, Hotel Springs Makuhari

Born in Azuma-mura, Isumi-gun (now City of Isumi), Chiba Prefecture in 1929, Fujie Sato attended girls’ high school before being called for duty in a student mobilization. In 1949 she graduated from Otsuma Women’s College. While working at Japan Storage Battery Co.,Ltd., Sato was active in voluntary social services with Shigeri Yamataka, Diet member and chair of the Regional Women’s Group Coordinating Committee, and Fusae Ichikawa, a Diet member. In 1966 Fujie founded Yamagataya Sato Chohachi Shoji K.K., beginning the development of the Yamagataya Group which would later include Yamagataya Sangyo Co., Ltd., Yamagataya Bussan Co., Ltd., Yamagataya Trading Co., Ltd. and Hotel Springs Makuhari. In 2001 Sato was appointed the 9th chair of the Ichikawa Chamber of Commerce. Today Sato is chair of the Women’s Group Coordinating Committee of the Chiba Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and chair of the Women’s Committee of the Ichikawa Chamber of Commerce. She continues to be active in voluntary social services, notably as director of the incorporated association Ai Center. In 2008 Sato was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays.