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- To respond to the requests by our guests from Southeast Asia and ASEAN -
Hotel Springs Makuhari has been certified
as a “Muslim Friendly Hotel” by NAHA
since July 2013.

The Japanese government is now making a strong effort to change the Japanese tourism more internationally in order to increase the number of tourists from overseas. The government is especially focusing on welcoming guests from the Islamic areas, which has been a big topic among the tourism industry.Therefore, Hotel Springs Makuhari has decided to obtain the Halal certification,considering it as a necessary effort in order to accommodate more guests from overseas in the future. We are currently planning new services of parties and catering as well as accommodation and meals so that our guests from the Islamic areas can stay at our hotel without any concerns.

Halal certification Detailed plans and approach

Hotel Springs Makuhari Certification: NAHA Muslim Friendly certification
NAHA: Nippon Asia Halal Association


We will be able to change the 2 floors (50 rooms) for Halal rooms anytime as requested.

  • Furniture of room
    Prayer rug and sign indicating the direction of Mecca
  • Training of hotel employees to serve Islamic guests

In addition to a group prayer room inside the Hotel, the Hotel offers full Wudu facilities, where guests can wash their feet, etc. before praying.


Banquet hall and restaurants (Buffet, Japanese, Chinese)


We will include Halal menu in the regular menu of each restaurant.

  • Creating Halal menu
  • Establishing supply routes of Halal ingredients and seasonings
  • Maintaining a Halal-dedicated kitchen and cooking utensils
  • Training of kitchen staff and servers

Certification: NAHA Halal certification
Certification: Japan Islamic Trust

Office of Sato Chohachi-Shoji Co., Ltd.
(A group of Hotel Springs Makuhari)

A Halal only factory was opened for the first time in Japan.

Food safety is our number one priority and we ensure that our producers use only the safest and highest quality ingredients in the production process. We produce cooking products such as packaged foods and side dishes. We offer our products to neighborhood businesses such as hotels and restaurants andcater events as well.
We will continue to introduce new initiatives in our products and services.

Our farm to table approach is based on both FSSC22000 and HALAL to ensure the highest food safety standards.

We oversee the entire production process from supplying raw materials to shipment to prevent any harmful contamination in the food supply.

We will also be expanding to other markets that demand safe and healthy food products.

We have implemented a management system throughout the entire production process, which allows us to have complete control and traceability over ingredients and food materials used at each step.
In addition, we are in the process of obtaining the Food Safety System Certification FSSC22000 to further demonstrate our commitment of offering safe and quality products to our customers.